Protect your valuable assets

Flexible and attractive security detection for any library interior
Automatically update user accounts and security
Flexible configurations create custom solutions‚Äč
Allow for convenient 24/7 access


With a modern and attractive clear panel design, the bibliotheca RFID gate not only offers superior detection but perfectly integrates with any library environment. The RFID gate reduces accidental or deliberate removal of library items by detecting RFID tags in any orientation. Upon detection, a configurable alert provides and immediate audible and/or visual traning

RFID gate Premium

Offering the most accommodating aisle entrance for libraries, the RFID gate priemium is perfect for wheelchairs, wide strollers, and large groups of students. With a modern and stylish clear panel design, the bibliotheca RFID gate premium effectively deters theft or valuable library materials while elegantly anhancing the library easthetic

Tattle-Tape gate clear

This security system can blend nicely with your library decor while keeping your collection entirely secure using the latest DSP technology. Disigned for use with Tattle-Tape Security Stirps, this systems detects all EM strips in any orientation. Along with a selecction of built-in LED alarm light colors to choose from, it also features interchangeable graphic panels and is completely safe for all magnetic media